Welcome to our scene of All Genre music and art. Today we announce a milestone moment with this entry serving as a public document & access-point in solidarity with the Leaving Records artist community & our GenreDAO.

All day we persist in dialogue relating to web3 application & innovation as it should serve our community - Leaving is proud to now have tools to provide symbolic & functional tokens for those committing to our goals, values, and visions. Although we’ve been steadily/over-actively releasing records in the traditional music industry models and “web2” systems for 13 years now - this moment is a pillar in our label’s history as we continue to develop more artist-empowering projects in this new space, and introduce new processes for our greater fan community.

We feel our priority of sustaining thriving community is felt through participation. Our hope is that the roles of the fan and the artist may merge, permitting invested engagement by exploring meaningful shared ownership via new web3 models such as LR community-issued NFTs & our community token $GENRE.

No matter if you’ve been riding with us buying cassettes from LR since our inception-point around 2008, or just now hopping-in intrigued by our web3 presence today - our core values & goals remain as fuel for the future:

  • Providing a safe space for the uplifting of underground, experimental, and marginalized music/art community via our resources platform.

  • Establishing  viable alternative models to the legacy music industry that best support our artist community, their creative practice and longevity, in a meaningful manner.

  • All Genre-embracing curation & facilitation via record label platform + publicly accessible events platform - online and IRL.

  • Advocation of alternative, experimental lifestyle & creative practice


Leaving Records & GenreDAO-published NFTs on any platform always strengthen the GenreDAO treasury - a young yet growing reserve (shouts to Gnosis Multisig) designed for the funding of impactful projects across our artist community such as but not limited to artist mutual aid initiatives, artist incubation assistance of creative projects & release campaigns, and organizing a diverse array of community-centered events digitally & IRL.


  • edition of 200 LR ALL $GENRE DAY1 NFTs

(revenue split 96% GenreDAO Treasury - 4% Michael Flanagan motion graphics)

  • edition of 1 PLATINUM $GENRE DAY1 NFT

(revenue split 92% GenreDAO Treasury - 4% Michael Flanagan motion graphics - 4% Matthewdavid sound design)


Aside from being the genesis editions-based LR-issued digital collectable initiative, these NFTs have utility.

  • Each edition’s token ID and contract address will be able to unlock access to the Leaving Records token-gated page aka the Genre Club: an evolving repository including new & unreleased music, early-bird access to physical goods, event tickets/RSVPs, calendars, workshops, panels & more.

  • Unique DAY1 GREEN ROOM channel access in the Leaving Records Discord server: A more-personal space for Genre Club updates, community input, $GENRE token airdrops, and positive vibration.

*The holder of the 1/1 PLATINUM $GENRE DAY1 NFT will allow for all of the above utility **in addition to: ***

  • generous airdrop of $GENRE.

  • custom-assembled Leaving Records care package mailed to your address consisting of limited edition/out of print physical music media & other rarities.

  • lifetime access to any Leaving Records event, IRL or virtual.


This entry serves as another big celebration moment in regards to our ongoing activation in the web3 space, so we should mention our ERC20 token $GENRE.

On January 5th 2022, liquidity was supplied and a market was created for $GENRE with the intention of providing more value towards the collective, equitable growth for our artists and fans. $GENRE is both a currency and utility token. With utility concepts being developed via the GenreDAO - currently one may use $GENRE as:

  • A form of payment to support artist projects on NFT platforms like,

  • Access into $GENRE token-gated pages that hold unique Genre Delights, like through our profile.

  • Entry to ongoing token-gated channels in the Leaving Discord server such as the #Psychotropics-Entheogens-Wine chat, and the classic #Genre-Cafe chat.

We’re cultivating multiple pathways where one may earn $GENRE - such as our upcoming bounty board, which will be announced via the #Claim-Genre channel in our Discord server, buying on Uniswap, and the forthcoming new webstore.


Leaving Records is a Los Angeles-based international community of artists, friends, and supporters with an emphasis on facilitating experimentation in all genres of music & serving historically under-represented artists.

We aim to disrupt the traditional record label model through equitable participation & reward dynamics.

We believe web3 can solve real-world problems, in real-time. Our space is dedicated to healing the wounds of abusive industry practices and exploring the ways in which web3 can serve as a foundation for a sustainable model of fairness and equity across our independent record label and its community to flourish together in ongoing collaboration & mutual benefit.

Join us

Leaving Records / GenreDAO discord, LR twitter, GenreDAO twitter, (new site coming soon), LR bandcamp, LR twitch, & LR instagram.

from 2021 LR sticker pack designed by Jordan Rundle
from 2021 LR sticker pack designed by Jordan Rundle
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