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Leaving Records Introducing GENRE DAO

July 13th, 2021

Where we’ve been
Leaving Records, established 2008/9, is an all-genre artist community and record label founded by Matthew David McQueen (A.K.A. Matthewdavid), nearing 200 releases from artists worldwide.

Where we are going
The new technologies and mindsets powering Web 3.0 can profoundly change how music is created, appreciated, and shared between artists and their communities. In our efforts to be on the cutting edge of this technological revolution, Leaving Records is honored to be challenging the notion of what a record label could be in the 21st Century.

Collectively-governed entities known as DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) allow like-minded people across the Internet to come together to achieve shared goals in a radically new way. Without relying on a single authority figure, the DAO’s operations are decided upon by its members.

We owe our sustainability to artists, friends, and supporters — the community. Experimenting in Web 3.0 territory, we will now engage in ways to further the coordination & operation of Leaving Records from within our community.

Introducing GENRE DAO
GENRE is our community token that symbolizes membership in the Leaving Records All-Genre DAO community. GENRE is also a governance token for the GENRE DAO community members, including (but not limited to) Artists from the Leaving Records catalog, Day1 NFT holders, and the greater community adding value to the GENRE DAO Treasury (more details on this to come).

Artwork by Dazer (aka Jordan Rundle)

Leaving Records All-Genre DAO Values

  • Providing a safe space for the uplifting of underground, experimental, and marginalized music & community via our resources platform.
  • All Genre-embracing curation & facilitation via record label platform + publicly accessible events platform online and IRL.
  • Advocation of alternative, experimental lifestyle & creative practice.

We are here now
Join our Discord to claim 10 GENRE here: We look forward to collaborating and co-creating the future of Leaving Records with you.

PS: This post is an NFT. Funds raised from this article will be the first initiative into the GENRE DAO Treasury.

Legendary NFT includes 100 GENRE tokens + Ultra special GENRE care package.

DM us on Twitter to claim

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